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“Rarely have I heard a story presented with more eloquence. The silence that fell over that room spoke volumes about your connection to the audience.”

–The Mayo Clinic (Florida)

Greg’s walk through family trials has been notably inspiring. His family has endured three liver transplants for Greg Jr. and the loss of another son, Adrian, to a heart abnormality along the way. And yet his outlook on life is not only upbeat, it’s motivating.

For many years he would not speak about his family’s journey, but he makes time to speak about it now as a support to others traveling similar paths and as encouragement for anyone facing challenges. Book him for your next event; you’ll be glad that you did.

“I have compassion that I could not buy because of the walk my family has taken. Facts and figures may get you started, but a personal story brings it home.”
–Greg Gaines

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